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Screws, such as bolts and nuts, are used all around us. It can be for the space rockets, for wrist watch, for glasses, for toys, and for inside of our body due to medical treatment. Depends on its use, there are various specifications on its shape, its size, its surface treatment, and its strength. Screws have thousands of forms and conditions.

Quality of the screws is specified in JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard). In the production of thousands of screws, it must satisfy customer’s drawings for sure, and its quality needs to be constant simultaneously.

In recent years, environmental issues became one of the most concerned topics, and there are serious demands on prevention of pollution, such as water and soil. In the screw production, now it is required to reduce environmental burden, to keep corporate compliance, and not to use specific chemical substance, now.

As time goes by, social requirement for screws is always changing. Yahata Fastener Indonesia tries our best to improve and prepare to meet social demands. Through installation of new facilities, it is possible to examine various tests and inspections. It is our motto to assure all customers to supply safe and good quality screws.

Our original OEM products, YT series, are also based on our quality passions. Our throughout quality management of supplier, such as process audit and sample examination, we assure its quality.
Type Machine name Model Equipment manufacturers Number
metal structure Metallurgical microscope FX-DX Nikon 1
Hardness hardness tester(HV) 430VD Wilson 1
hardness tester(HRC)   Wilson 1
Strength Tensile test GP-TS2000M Shenzhen Yixingbai 1
Profile Projecter PJ-A3010F Mitutoyo 1
Shape Measuring Machine JB-5C Shanghai Taiming 1
Image Instrument   Keyence 1
3D Measuring Machine YXB-654 Shenzhen Yixingbai 1
Concentricity Checker NTY-350-002 Mitutoyo 1
Macro Inspection Machine XDC-10A Jvc 1
Thickness Electro Magnetic Thickness Taster LZ-200C CHUO Manufacturing 1
Breaking Surface Thickness Checker TH-1 Guangzhou Zhongzhi 1
anti-corrosion performance Salt Spray Tester CZ-60A Guangzhou Zhongzhi 1
RoHS Ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer   Shimadzu 1
torque torque testing machine NTY-M10 Mitutoyo 1
Gauge Digital Caliper Gauge   Mitutoyo 11
Plug Gauge   OSG 1
Ring Gauge   OSG 1
Micro   Mitutoyo 7
Pitch Caliper   kanon 1
Height Gauge   Mitutoyo 1
Dial Gauge   local 1
Rough   local 1
Master plug
cross recess
  nitto 3